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Homeschooling in Tennessee

We have assembled resources for homeschool families in Tennessee to find local support groups and laws concerning homeschooling in Tennessee

State Information

  • TnHomeEd - Here you will find the information you need to homeschool in Tennessee;  the law, support groups, comparison chart of CRS's, recommended reading, and more. Join our e-list.
  • Tennessee Home Education Assoc.
    P.O. Box 681652
    Franklin, TN 37068
    voice mail 858-623-7899
  • Tennessee Homeschoolers - An inclusive e-mail list serving Tennessee homeschoolers since February 1998. Hostess Jacki Willard (  Homeschoolers from across the state (& border states) can help you find your own way along this most excellent adventure. Everyone has something to share -- you don't have to be a veteran to support your fellow homeschoolers. The political, religious, and philosophical diversity of this list keeps it interesting -- treating each other with respect keeps the list enjoyable. To subscribe send a blank email to

Regional Information

Church-Related Schools

  • Cross Creek Christian School - We offer university-style classes in a
    classroom setting two-days per week (the other three school days are spent working at home). Because we are a Category IV Church-Related School, we also offer record keeping for those who choose a total at home program. We also offer area homeschoolers space to assemble and hold their own co-op class on our Community Fridays, as well as providing art and music classes, and a free drama club.
    • 501 East North Street, Sweetwater, Tennessee 37354
      • Phone: 423-337-9330
  • Family Christian Academy - an umbrella school that helps parents educate their children at home

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