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Homeschooling in New Jersey

We have assembled resources for homeschool families in New Jersey to find local support groups and laws concerning homeschooling in New Jersey

State Information

  • Educational Excellence-School at Home (,  We are MAINSTREAM homeschooling families from Summit and surrounding NJ towns and counties. Great manners and kindness are a MUST for all children and parents that participate in our weekly activities. Our mission is to facilitate: (1) positive social interaction; (2) structured, education-oriented activities; and (3) joyful sports, crafts, and play AMONG WELL BEHAVED CHILDREN. Please Note: This is NOT A SUPPORT group for parents--"EE-SAH" is a "FUN GROUP" for SUPER KIDS THAT WANT AND DESERVE SUPER FRIENDS.
  • Education Network of Christian Homeschoolers of New Jersey - ENOCH (Education Network of Christian Homeschoolers of New Jersey) is a organization which consists of like-minded christians dedicated to observe the Biblical commands of Deuteronomy 6:4-10, Proverbs 22:6 and Ephesians 6:4. We promote home education as the scriptural design for education, whereas institutional education is the alternative to the home. We believe that every family has the God-given, legal and constitutional right to home education in the state of New Jersey, regardless of their philosophy of education or religious affilation.
    • PO Box 308, Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716
    • Phone: (732) 291-7800
    • E-mail:
  • New Jersey Homeschool Association

Regional Information


  • Homeschooling in New Jersey - "Homeschooling in New Jersey!" is a blog that documents a mom's experience in developing a home school program. Readers of this blog can find resources and learn from the author's personal endeavor to provide an academic experience that exceeds the Blue Ribbon standards of her home town's school district.

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