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Free Homeschool Study Resources

      These links will take you to other sites on the web that can help you as you teach your homeschool.  If you need to do research or are looking for sites to add to your knowledge, these will be useful to you.  If you are looking for products to help you in these areas, please visit The Mall

Free Online Spelling & Vocabulary Activities - SpellingCity
A free online literacy tool that turns ANY word list into vocabulary & spelling games, writing practice, and more! With over 50,000 words and 60,000 sentences to practice, you will find endless fun playing the spelling and vocabulary games. There’s even a spelling app available for the iPad, Android, and Kindle tablets. Try the free spelling lists today!

online spelling and vocabulary

  • Study Resources - Use this page to find resources when you are looking for web sites that cover certain subjects.  These pages are great for research or adding to your understanding of a subject. They cover a variety of topics





ClickN READ Phonics
The World's Most Advanced Homeschool Phonics Software Program. The ONLY program guaranteed to teach your child to read! Try 2 FREE LESSONS Now at: ClickN READ Phonics


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