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General History Links

The homeschool family can use this page to find history links for curriculum and other assorted history resources

  • Christian History - magazine
  • Heroes of History -  a large educational site highlighting 17 very significant Christians with their essential facts plus numerous anecdotes. A selected reading list, an exhaustive reading list and links are provided for each individual. The seventeen - including George Washington Carver, Mother Teresa and David Livingstone - are diverse and represent many different disciplines but all lived within a Christian worldview. All demonstrated five key values. They were Fearless-Applied-Instructed-Tireless and Humble, in other words they were exemplary Christians.
  • - This site contains more than one thousand examples of history papers, reports, and essays to help students start or finish their own! Whether you're writing about colonial history, the civil war, American presidents, or ANY other topic relevant to U.S. or world history, this site CAN help YOU!
  • The History Place - featuring American history and Nazi Germany

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