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Foreign Languages

In the society in which we are raising our children today, it is essential that the homeschool family have resources to teach foreign languages to their children. Here are some links for starting out.


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  • Learn Spanish - It features an interactive online tutorial, lots of cultural notes, an extensive directory of language schools, and more! It's FREE.
  • Learn Spanish is a free, on-line, educational resource to learn Spanish words. The flash site incorporates 40 topics, along with over 1,400 Spanish words and phrases. When you click on a word or phrase you can hear it spoken. The high quality audio was created in a sound studio. The site is multilingual. The menus are in Spanish and English.
  • Learn Spanish
  • -We offer free Spanish lessons for both children and parents, whether for educational purposes, or just for fun.  With all of the games, lessons, tips, and resources, you'll be speaking Spanish in no time! Have fun, happy learning, and feel free to contact us with comments, questions, and/or suggestions! Buena Suerte y Bienvenidos ! (Good Luck, and Welcome!—See? You're learning already!)

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Assorted Languages

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