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Creation Science Resources

Here are a list of sites that will give the homeschool student a good understanding of creation science.

  • California Institute of Omniology   - This web site is "Dedicated to Academic Freedom", the free and open critical review, commentary, scholastic and educational research of theoretical and empirical science.
  • Christian Geology Ministry - Exegesis of the mechanics of Noah's flood, the great time gap between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2, the pre-Adamite world, and related topics. Using science, logic, and the EXACT English wording of the King James Authorized Version of the Holy Bible to more perfectly interpret the Genesis narratives and the Earth's Geology.
  • Creationism & the Early Church Home Page - This site is dedicated primarily to the study of the early church's interpretation of Genesis 1-11 from the close of the New Testament until the death of Augustine of Hippo (430AD). It also contains numerous articles, book resources and links to other sites of interest to students of the Word of God.
  • Creation - Evolution Encyclopedia
  • Creation Science Homepage
  • The Young Earth Creation Club - Defending the accuracy and authority of the Bible as it relates to the issue of creationism verses evolution.    

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