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Special Needs Links

Sometimes homeschooling families have special needs children. In fact home education is well suited to these children. Here are links that will help the home school family with a special needs child.


  • A Day's Work - Designing, constructing, and providing: adaptive clamping system and attachments for holding simple musical instruments and other items to wheel chair trays and table tops; and music instruments, storage aids, and assistive devices for music education. Also, inviting suggestions for ways to meet unmet needs in the elementary music education and therapeutic environment.
  • ABA Resources for Recovery from Autism/PDD/Hyperlexia - Information on behavioral intervention (ABA) for autism (and related disorders), a one-on-one teaching approach backed by over thirty years of research. "How-to" information, instructional resources, support groups, professional listings, and legal and special education information. By a parent.
  • About Cerebral Palsy - provides useful information on Cerebral Palsy, Diagnosis, Causes of CP, and classification of Cerebral Palsy. Also, allows users to contact doctors with their questions, and offers free evaluation for lifetime benefits.
  • Autism Today - everything you need to know about autism
  • Complete Disability Resource Guide
  • Dyslexia My Life - The information and advice on this site is provided by a dyslexic, giving inside knowledge on the various ways of coping with dyslexia and Learning Disability.
  • ISER - ISER a unique and comprehensive internet site pertaining to the needs of families with special children and their requirements.
  • Learning Abled Kids - Learning Abled Kids provides information and tools to help parents homeschooling bright children with Specific Learning Disabilities.
  • Model Me Kids - Autism-Asperger's Social Skills Training DVDs based on peer modeling for children and adolescents with Autism and Asperger Syndrome. Social skills curriculum resources. Preview video samples
  • NATHAN - NATional cHallenged Homeschoolers Associated Network - international organization for homeschoolers for people dealing with disabilities
  • The National Academy for Child Development - designs very specific home educational and therapeutic programs for infants, children and adults given the labels including; Learning Disabled, Dyslexic, Distractible, ADD, ADHD, Hyperactive, Down Syndrome, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Williams Syndrome, Tourettes Syndrome, Rhetts Syndrome, Fragile X, Developmentally Delayed, PDD, Autistic, Cerebral Palsy, Brain Injured, Comatose, Retarded, Minimal Brain Dysfunction, Normal, Accelerated, and Gifted.
  • Positively Autism - is a free newsletter for parents and teachers. Each issue contains articles, resources, free teaching materials, and links related to a particular topic. Free downloads include lesson plans, data sheets, flash cards, visual supports, work tasks, and more!
  • Speech Language Pathology Open Website Directory Project - he SLP/AUD Open Directory Project Is a link directory that is managed by Speech Language Pathologists (you can participate). It's goal is to create a source for all possible links relating to Speech Language Pathology and Audiology. The site can be found at and, an alternate URL for the same site.
  • Tammy Glaser's Page on Homeschooling Children in the Autism Spectrum - Aut-2B-Home email list
  • Teaching Children With Autism - I offer all new clients a free 30-minute phone consultation and if they want to continue as a client, I offer my services at affordable rates.  There aren't many people out there who are willing to help families who want to homeschool a child with autism especially to help them choose or develop customized curriculum, teach them how to incorporate specialized teaching strategies, etc.  I am here to help provide whatever support the family needs and I work with clients nationwide via phone and email consultations.

Autism Resources






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