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Homeschooling Message Boards, Chat, and Online E-mail Groups

The home school family find times when they could use the advice of others who have been there before or who have found methods or books that work well. There have begun to pop up a number of message boards on the internet geared specifically to homeschoolers. They are very easy to use and can be very informative. Give them a try

  • Assorted Topic Homeschool Board - Special Needs board, working homeschooling parent, Christian homeschooled teen fellowship, and many other boards
  • Christian Military HomeSchool Mamas - A place where born-again, Christian, homeschooling, military families can support, encourage, and fellowship with one another as we raise and educate our children for Christ.
  • High School HomeSchooling Board - message board sponsored by VegSource
  • The Homeschooling Parents Message Board at Math Goodies - Math Goodies is a free educational site featuring interactive math lessons. We also have many other useful resources for students, parents, and teachers including our new Homeschooling Parents Message Board. HS Parents can discuss their children's math education here.
  • Homeschool Freebies Over at Lilvoyce's - This Yahoo group is starting to grow by leaps and bounds. We have ALL FREEEEEEE resources and FREEBIES. This is a groups for parents to find great educational links for their children, who are homeschooled or not! We have over 400 current and updated links.
  • Homeschool Shopper - A place to buy, sell & trade homeschool curriculum Free unlimited posting, homeschool support, a variaty of message boards, WAHM buisnesses.
  • Precious Vines Homeschool Swap - This is a place to buy and sell good used homeschool books.
  • RAS/CLE Support - An online community for anyone interested in Christian education, especially those using or interested in using educational materials from Rod and Staff and Christian Light Education.   
  • Single Christian Homeschool Parent Message Board
  • Single Parent Homeschoolers
  • Teen Homeschool Hang - The Teen Homeschool Hang is a Christian-based website made specifically for homeschooled teens to meet and talk with other homeschooled teens around the world. The message boards are updated daily and include plenty of discussions and games!
  • Waldorf Home Educators - Great Place for Free Waldorf Curriculum and Teaching Methods, Homeschool Support, Photos





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