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Homeschooling Blogs

Here you will find an assortment of blogs that are offered by homeschoolers on varied topics.


  • The Happy Housewife - Great blog with not only homeschool information but also cooking, frugal living, home management, and more
  • Homeschool Distractions - Homeschooling mom in WA shares free and low cost community events and field trips, ways to make homeschooling fun, money saving tips, and their homeschool and family adventures and news.
  • High School Homeschooler - The story of a girl who made the decision to leave a nationally ranked public school to be homeschooled for her last 2 years of high school.
  • Homeschool Hangout Zone - The Homeschool Hangout Zone is a place you can come for interesting, fun, and sometimes unusual (trees evolve, too?!) news feeds!  News articles are categorized by their corresponding curriculum subject, for easy access to your favorites :) - r and mother of four.
  • Homeschooling Hub -Homeschooling information, inspiration, rescources, ideas, curriculum reviews and more!
  • Homeschool Parent Forum – Time4Learning
    Time4Learning has an online parent forum that includes discussions covering state homeschooling groups, homeschooling students with special needs, cyber book clubs and more. A membership to Time4Learning is not required in order to register for this parent community. Time4Learning is an online homeschool curriculum for preschool to eighth grade that teaches standards-based math, language arts and more in an interactive, student-centered environment. Visit for more details. And while you’re there, try their online demos, browse their lesson plans or see what’s available on their curriculum overview page.   
  • Homeschooling Simplified - the name says it all
  • Inspiring Jibberjabber - This site is about the ups and downs of homeschooling from a Christian mother's perspective.  I also include many units, worksheets, and resources in my homeschool center links.
  • Life Nurturing Education - Reflecting on family life, biblical principles, and home education
  • School and Home Librarian - Information literacy, Web 2.0, integrating technology into the curriculum, Internet Safety, book reviews and curriculum ideas from a home school mom who is earning a Masters in Library Science.

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