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High School and Beyond

This page has links that will help you homeschool your high school student.  There are also links for planning for college. Also check out our online studies page in the curriculum area.

One of the main questions concerning High School we get is what about diplomas. Please visit our Diploma page for an answer to this.

Highland Heights Academy--Complete K-12 program.  Affordable, accredited, self-paced and easy to use.  We provide everything you need for every grade level, along with help from certified teachers.  Enroll today!

  • Conservapedia - Everything needed to teach American History to ages 12-18, as used in 2008 in teaching the largest in-person homeschooled class in the nation: 65 teenagers in New Jersey.  No textbook needed.
  • Homeschool Transcripts - Find out how one lady converted 4 Years of Independent Homeschooling into Transcripts That Earned Both Her Sons Full Tuition Scholarships Totaling $184,852 from Their First Choice University!
  • Math for SAT - 'Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself'. This is definitely the philosophy behind the Math for SAT website. Our site is designed to help students prepare for the SAT by completing arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and statistic and probability practice problems.
  • School is Dead, Learn in Freedom - Colleges That Admit Homeschoolers FAQ - extensive list as well as discussions on admissions, etc.
  • Teen Homeschool Hang - The Teen Homeschool Hang is a Christian-based website made specifically for homeschooled teens to meet and talk with other homeschooled teens around the world. The message boards are updated daily and include plenty of discussions and games!
  • TeenPact Leadership School - The website for TeenPact Leadership School, an organization dedicated to inspiring passion for citizenship and justice in today's youth. The are in 25 different states where they do a week long class on that states government and the responsibilities that we have as citizens

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