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Home & Finance

Here are some interesting links for the homeschooling family. These sites offer advice on saving money, finding free things, home business, etc.

Regal Assets Banner - useful in creating an amortization schedule by selecting the amount, interest rate, and loan length.

Save On Your Auto Insurance - Find out how to save money on your auto insurance including tips for teen drivers and sports cars.

  • Financial Peace -  how to get out of debt, stay out of debt, etc., using Biblical principles.
  • Free Summer Recipes! - Free Summer Recipes for you to print, email, and share with family and friends. Some great Links, too. Enjoy!
  • Frugal Simplicity - Articles, tips, ideas, books, about how to live frugal and save money. A great way to teach homeschoolers how to save money, the value of money, and how to live on less! Learn to budget, find bargains, be thrifty, get out of debt, get freebies, live on less. Frugal's not just about saving money, it's a way of life!
  • KidsHealth - Web site devoted to the health of children and teensues
  • Kidnexions - Are your kids saving savvy and money smart? KidsSave, developed by Kidnexions, is a software savings program designed to help parents teach their kids to save and spend wisely. Kids are actively involved in managing their money, making learning much more fun.
  • Miserly Moms - learn to live on one income from a mom who did it in the San Francisco bay area (not a cheap place to live)

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