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Gutenberg College - We are a classical, great-books college that teaches from a biblical worldview. Well over 50% of our students are from home schools and the majority of our faculty homeschool their own children.

  • Augustine College - We are a very small liberal arts college - Christian, and inclusive of all denominations and those seeking faith. We teach an integrated course on the history of Western Civilization, the history of ideas. This is a one year course giving students a firm basis for dealing with cultural and academic questions they will meet at university.  Our students have been given full credits at Baylor, Hillsdale, Houghton, Trinity Western, the University of Alberta , Redeemer, Francis Xavier, St. Stephens and other universities.
  • - explore the option of getting your college degree online
  • New Saint Andrews College - New Saint Andrews is a classical Christian liberal arts college with limited enrollment. Forty percent of our students come from home schools
  • Robert Welch University - Robert Welch University provides the best online education available today. The university offers a liberal arts curriculum with additional classical elements that reflect the philosophy and education of the American Founding Fathers. Students receiving a Robert Welch University online education are equipped to transform American society and government through moral, intellectual, and civic leadership.
  • The University of California, Riverside - continues its exciting new admission program for homeschooled or nontraditionally educated students who are planning to attend college.

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