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Wunderlich Family Re-united


Many people may or may not know about the trials and tribulations of the Wunderlich family in Germany. The Wunderlich's are a family that has been advocates of homeschooling in Germany. They have come under a great deal of persecution because of their belief that they have the right to teach their children at home.

On August 29th, 2013, German authorities came to their house armed and with a battering ram in order to take their children away from them. They were told they wouldn't know when they would see their children again. Their only crime was home schooling their children. There wasn't even an accusation that the children were abused or neglected. The German government is on record as being against "parallel societies" in Germany and specifically mentions homeschooling as one of those.

After a hearing in the middle of September, the children were allowed to go home as long as the parents put them back into the government school system. At least their children have been allowed to return home; however, the larger issue of the lack of parental freedom in Germany is still a large obstacle.

Michael Farris of the Homeschool Legal Defence Association (HSLDA) is also disturbed that the Obama administration showed no concern over this as a human right issue.  "The State Department says it seeks to promote a greater respect for human rights on its website," he said. "It lists specific examples including freedom of expression and the protection of minorities, but what it doesn't mention is religious freedom. It is clear that the administration doesn't mind that religious homeschoolers in Germany are having their rights trampled upon by the way the Justice Department is going after the Romeike family."

The Romeike family left Germany and obtained asylum in the U.S. in 2010 after they were threatened with the loss of their children by the German government if they intended to continue homeschooling their children. Eric Holder's justice department filed to remove their asylum saying that they did not fit the criteria for asylum. The government won the removal of their asylum and the case is now in appeal. It would seem that after watching what just happened to the Wunderlich family, the Romeike's have a pretty strong case. We shall see.

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