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Finding Online Colleges
Online Colleges

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Welcome to Homeschool Central.

Serving the homeschooling community since 1996.


Articles of Interest for Homeschoolers

Homeschooling and Common Core

Wunderlich Family Re-united

CLEP Testing

Ron Paul Announces New Home school Curriculum

German Home School Family and What it Means to Us

Field Trips

Determining Learning Styles

How to Home School.

Why do people teach their children at home and how do they compare academically?


What About High School Diplomas

Home school Co-ops.

New to Home school Information

Advice if you are new to homeschooling
New to home school?
If you are just starting out or even still deciding whether homeschooling is the choice is for you.

State Resources
Are you looking for a support group or information about laws in your area?
Visit our state resource area to find links to state and local homeschool support groups where you live.

Homeschool Resource Center

Resource Center

A guide to homeschooling resources and services that will help you successfully home school your children.

General Curriculum
Preschool and Kindergarten
Elementary and Middle School Homeschool Curriculum
Faith-based Curriculum
Green Curriculum
Middle/High School Programs
New and Used Curriculum
Secular Curriculum
Used Curriculum
Distance Education
Distance Education - College
College - Medical Fields
Independent Study Programs
Textbooks for Homeschooling
Adult Diploma Programs
College Prep
College Scholarships
Record Keeping
Testing Resources
Educational Software
Educational Videos
General Software
Business Opportunities
Family Travel and Adventure
New to Home school Information
Homeschooling in the Military

AP Classes
Character Development
Educational Books
Educational Toys
Environmental Education
Fitness and Physical Education
English as a Second Language (ESL)
Foreign Language
Language Arts
Math Software
Online Tutoring
Online Classes
Performing Arts
Reading, Writing, Grammar, Spelling
Social Studies
Special Needs
Unit Studies


High School Diploma Online Free Paramont High School offers an alternative high school program for home school students or individuals who have dropped out of high school.


Dissertation team services for graduate students

EZ - Dissertation writing

Fun and Homeschool

Free EBooks

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